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What can I do to assist GoMe?

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Iscritto: 4 Nov 2012



I'm somewhat new to URU and attended the AGM yesterday. You mentioned that anyone interested in GoMe should come here and that there are lots of little things we could help with. Well, I'm here, what can I do? :)



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Iscritto: 2 Mar 2012

Greetings, Veyaria!

To begin with, welcome, and thanks for your offer of help. I'm Lyrositor, Guild Master of the GoMe, along with Doobes. Just in case you don't know what the Guild of Messengers is, we're one of the five "canonical" Guilds of Cyan (they introduced the concept and suggested people to go along with it). Our role is to distribute news about the Cavern, Uru, etc.. As such, there's always something to do here. wink Here are some of the things we're doing right now:

  • Writing news articles: this task never ends. There's always something to cover, somewhere. If you have found a newsworthy item, you're welcome to write up an article here. Alternately, if you speak other languages, you can work on...
  • Translations of articles: title says it all.
  • Cavern Criers: this consists of in-game distribution of news. You send KI-Mails and so on to other players, to keep them up-to-date about Uru.
  • The Cavern Post: this is a web magazine published here. These consist of longer, in-depth articles studying an aspect of Uru, a historical period, a particular event, etc..
  • Uru2U: this is the Guild's latest project, consisting of a humoristic approach to journalism in video form about Uru. We take real news items, fake news items, and mash up together to produce short episodes.
  • And publicizing events: I'm putting this last, because it's not intrinsically tied to the GoMe, but we do from time-to-time promote or even host certain events (like the CAVCON parties, the All-Guilds Meeting...).

So if there's anything you're interested in, let us know! We're particularly in need of people for Uru2U now, and we're always thankful for The Cavern Post articles. Plus, I'm sure more in-game news distribution wouldn't hurt. smiley

For more information: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25740